Data visualisation, fundraise narrative & financial data.

We are YSI. Your partner to make your communication effective.

Did you get the feeling your last agency didn’t understand you?
They probably didn’t.

It takes a certain type of team to understand the needs of a financial institution. While most agency are great for consumer products, very few know their way through the tone differences between a fund selector, a sophisticated investor and a venture capital fund.

Moreover, they may lack the necessary expertise to warn you about potential compliance requirements or translate accurately technical language across multiple other languages.

We have been there, both as experts and as clients, so we definitely can help. We know how to set a tone right to help your message fit in within the culture of your customers, and the visual landscape they are familiar with.

Our services.

Business plans, pitch decks
& financial forecasts.

Our team supported a large number of businesses to create, complete or professionalize their fundraising material.

Venture Capital funds receive an enormous number of unsolicited approaches. Setting the tone right and presenting a complete, precisely formatted suite of investment materials will make sure you will make the most of the limited bandwidth analysts can put into your business.

Our team can help with modelling, market analysis, content writing and formatting. We turn ideas into investment cases.

Branding & marketing communications.

We spent years working for some of the most well regarded brands in the financial sector.

We understand the nuances between each audience in the industry, what their values are and how to make your communications resonate with them.

We have been clients, partners, and advisors of the brand ecosystem you are engaging with, and we can asure your communications will always be memorable and adequate.

Even if you are a newcomer, we will make sure there are no doubts where you company belongs.

Fact sheets, sales aids, KIDs and prospectus

Financial communications have a set of requirements other marketing materials rarely need. Precision is a must, so we make sure our quality assurance is in line with your expectations and becoming a safety net to your team.

We can manage anything from legal and compliance requirements to financial data visualisation. We can handle our translations either in-house or through trusted specialised contractors.

Your communications will be attractive and distinctive, while also fair, clear and not misleading. 2

Selected Works

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